Ceiling Repair

Do you have cracks, holes, unsightly water stains, or crumbling plaster on your ceilings that you want repaired or removed? You’ve found the right place. We do professional ceiling repairs and installation, including cracked or damaged plaster and drywall caused by water damage, accidental holes, and more.

Here are some of the most common ceiling repairs our expertise covers:

  • Water leaks – stains, holes, and warping that linger after water damage.
  • Stress cracks – these ceiling cracks commonly occur over time when structures shift.
  • Badly taped seams – over time, drywall seams on your ceiling can slowly reveal themselves as your house settles. We can redo your ceiling seams so you can enjoy their clean, seamless appearance for years to come.
  • “Collateral damage” – often ceiling issues are the result of accidents, such as a misstep during an HVAC repair in the attic.

Your damaged ceiling will receive our full attention and rock-solid expert repair. Our trained and insured technicians repair with less mess than other services, with quality you can trust.